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Три кабриолета: Mercedes SLK против BMW Z4 и Audi TT

Mercedes SLK - обзор прессы

Mercedes SLK разбил автосалон Tesla в США

Курьезная авария произошла на днях в Сан-Франциско (США). В День труда дилерский центр Tesla подвергся неожиданной атаке. Как сообщает портал, водитель «Мерседеса» попытался перестроиться и неожиданно не смог справиться с управлением. Машина ...

Mercedes SLK Crashes Into Tesla Dealership In San Francisco

Images have emerged of a rather unfortunate incident that took place on Labor Day. The driver of a silver Mercedes-Benz SLK crashed into a Tesla dealership in San Francisco. According to the San Francisco Chronicle, the sporty Benz crashed into the ...

This is Not the Way to Trade your Mercedes SLK for a Tesla Model S

You look up, and there's a Mercedes SLK staring you in the face with a (presumably) scared senior citizen behind the wheel rocking out to AC/DC and sporting his bald-man mullet. What the hell just happened here? Well, as much as I would like to report ...

Mercedes SLK Driver Crashes Into A Tesla Dealer In San Francisco

According to SFGate, the Mercedes driver was trying to change lanes when they accidentally hit the curb and panicked. The driver then mashed the accelerator and hit a series of objects including a tree, a mailbox, a sign, and a traffic control box. The ...

New Mercedes SL-Class is a classic

Our drive program started in the base-model SL350.

It still gets oodles of equipment, including keyless entry and hands-free boot opening, a reversing camera, satnav, ''Airscarf'' neck heater, heated and cooled leather seats, an auto-parking system and adjustable suspension.

Size and goodies aside, the new SL has one important thing in common with the racy two-door Gullwing ''Sport Light'' model it draws its moniker from - it's a stunning-looking sports car that is seriously fun on the road.

The sixth-generation version, which has just been launched, is big, bulky and weighs 1685 kilograms - that's more than a Holden Commodore - even though it's Mercedes-Benz's first model built entirely of lightweight aluminium. It's also a technological tour de force, with more safety and gizmos than ever.

The new SL from Mercedes-Benz appears to be nothing like the iconic model of the early 1950s.

Ч.А.В.О. - Mercedes SLK

Девушка. Ей 18.
Всем привет! Мне тут понравилась одна восемнадцатилетняя девушка :) А мне самому 16. Как думаете она будет со мной встречаться:)? Мне еще скоро должны купить SPORT CAR, думаю если я покатаю ее на АФфигительной такчке, буду водить по кафэшкам и кино, то я смогу привлечь ее внимание, как...
какие модели мерседеса бывают
какие модели мерседеса бывают

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New Mercedes SLK at Geneva 2011

New Mercedes SLK at Geneva 2011

New Mercedes SLK at Geneva 2011

New Mercedes SLK at Geneva 2011

New Mercedes SLK at Geneva 2011

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