Mini Cooper S Clubman

2010 Mini Cooper S, Clubman, Convertible

Mini Cooper S Clubman - обзор прессы

Mini JCW Clubman и Countryman: новый рекорд мощности Авторевю


Универсал Mini Clubman подвергся рестайлингу Авторевю


Mini обновила универсал Clubman Россия


Немаленький домик Motor


2012 Mini Cooper S tteeny for families, but fun for other drivers

Before the debut of this model and the Mini Cooper Roadster, both of which are new for 2012, all Minis have had backseats, some of which are even usable. The little coupe and Roadster do, in fact, have only two seats, so they're best saved for singletons or families looking for a fun car for when the little ones are in school or home with a sitter.

The coupe and Roadster are offshoots of the regular Mini Cooper hardtop and convertible (as opposed to the longer Clubman and larger Countryman). There are three coupe trim levels: the base trim, with a starting price of $22,000; the Cooper S (which I drove), at $25,300; and the John Cooper Works, at $31,900 (all prices include destination charges). Each higher trim adds more engine power.

The 2012 Mini Cooper S coupe is a fun grown-up toy for people with sizable piggy banks and a notable lack of claustrophobia.

The coupe is smooth and easy to drive -- once you get past the initial anxiety of placing yourself inside what feels like an aquanaut dive helmet at a cheap Cancun resort.

мини клабмен

Прекрасный и вполне удачный дизайн авто MINI, а так же потребность разнообразить данную модель пробудили новую волну различных выдумок маркетологов, которые поставили непростую задачу конструкторам и дизайнерам компании. Итогом или результатом всего творчества был мини клабмен - MINI Clubman. От предыдущих моделей он отличается уникальностью, оригинальностью и общим образом.

Mini Cooper Panorama

Mini Cooper S

Cold Speed


nice lineup that shows the difference to the normal mini and the huge countryman


my first time here , a mini dealer in shanghai , this is the flagship stire and repair shop , its in the middle of nowhere !

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