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ADAC Youngtimer Tour: Coole Vielfalt auf dem Pflaster der Hauptstadt

Weniger Raum nimmt das Mitsubishi Sapporo Cabriolet von Wolfgang Weimar ein. Der 112 PS starke Japaner von 1984 wurde nur 52 Mal gebaut und ist in Deutschland damit ein echter Exot. Auch den fernöstlichen Mitsubishi Diamante von Jan Oettel dürften nur ...

Three injured in Garden City head-on collision

She collided with Aristeo Fierro, 57, Garden City, as he approached in his Mitsubishi Diamante. As a result of the collision, Fierro then struck Juana S. Sanchez, 59, who was driving a Nissan Titan. Dellere's vehicle came to a rest on the center median ...

NW Kansas woman hospitalized after 3-vehicle crash

The vehicle merged into oncoming traffic and struck a 1999 Mitsubishi Diamante driven by Aristeo Fierro, 57, Garden City, head-on. The collision pushed the Mitsubishi into a 2011 Nissan Titan driven by Juana S. Sanchez, 59, Garden City. Vehicle one ...

Junkyard Gem: 1995 Mitsubishi Diamante Station Wagon

Chrysler sold Dodge- and Plymouth-badged Mitsubishis in the United States starting in the early 1970s, but it wasn't until the 1983 model year that Mitsubishi sold cars under their own name on this side of the Pacific. The Diamante made its American ...

Пьяная ночь в Благовещенске: гонки за нетрезвой автомобилисткой и разбитый патрульный автомобиль

Сегодня ночью в Благовещенске бушевали пьяные водители. Экипаж ДПС оформлял задержанного пьяного водителя. При этом пострадали пять человек. Около часа ночи пять экипажей полиции и семь гражданских машин гонялись за автомобилем Toyota Ipsum, которым управляла нетрезвая женщина. Это произошло на улице Калинина возле здания ДОСААФ. В 3:30 пьяный лишенец на Mitsubishi Diamant вдребезги разбил патрульный автомобиль.

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как провести нерастаможенный автомобиль в украину
как провести нерастаможенный автомобиль в украину

1991 Mitsubishi Sigma

Sold in very small numbers in their day, and there's few around here nowadays.

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I have a car again, its taken a while, twas this or a Camry. It's automatic, has pillar-less windows and a large lazy engine, a Mitsubishi Diamante.

First ride in the new car!

I just bought a Mitsubishi Diamante and love it so far!


Yeah, I was driving at night and I wanted to take a picture of me driving. It was with my phone, so sorry for the shotty quality of the picture