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Toyota Sienna - обзор прессы

DRIVEN: 2017 Toyota Sienna

Even a monster SUV such as the Chevrolet Suburban can't, due to a high load floor, come close to today's subject, the 2017 Toyota Sienna, or any other modern minivan for that matter. Our hockey days appear to be over, with one son ageing out of rec ...

Минивэн Toyota Sienna изменился в лице и оснащении

Цены на машины 2018 модельного года пока не объявлены, но нынешняя Sienna оценивается минимум в $29 750. Пятидверка Chrysler Pacifica стоит от $28 995, а гибрид ― от $41 995. А ещё в США весьма популярна Honda Odyssey (продано 120 846 машин в 2016 году), за которую ...

NHP: Pedestrian was lying down on US 395 when fatally struck

Trooper Dan Gordon identified the victim Tuesday as 54-year-old Rosendo Ramirez Amaya of South Lake Tahoe, California. Gordon says investigators don't know why Amaya was lying across the right northbound lane of the highway near Industrial Way. He says ...

Stafford Walmart investigation leads to 140-pound fentanyl bust

Rivera-Santana, accompanied by Guzman, was then seen carrying a large duffel bag that "appeared to be full and heavy" to the front of the store before placing the bag in a Toyota Sienna, climbing inside and driving away. A few hours later, police ...

Cars to be crashed in 2013 by the NHTSA

The NHTSA has recently released a list of cars which will be crashed in 2013 and, besides these, the agency will also test safety systems in 28 vehicles. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 33 passenger cars, 16 crossovers and SUVs, four pickup trucks and a Toyota Sienna will be crash tested next year and the agency says that this list will cover 85 percent of all 2013 models which are being sold across the United States. The Ford C-Max Energi, the Ford C-Max Hybrid, the Ford Focus Electric and the Ford Fusion Energi will also be crash tested, along with the Toyota Prius C, the Toyota Prius V and the Nissan Leaf.

Other vehicles which will be crash tested by the NHTSA next year will be the Fiat 500, the Buick Verano, and the Dodge Dart. The feds will also test safety systems like the electronic stability control, the forward crash warning or the lane departure warning in 28 models, like the Chevrolet Volt, the BMW 3-Series, the Audi A4, the Audi A6, the Dodge Dart the Toyota RAV4, the Acura RDX and more. We will keep you updated on the subject once more details are release.

Ч.А.В.О. - Toyota Sienna

Toyota - Lexus DVD MAP E12 каким моделям подходит эта навигационная карта?
Toyota - Lexus DVD MAP E12 каким моделям подходит эта навигационная карта?



2011 Toyota Sienna

Happy Version

Mitsubishi powered Toyota

When I was driving through town yesterday, I stopped behind this van at the red light. I started laughing when I saw the decal on the back bumper that said 'Mitsubishi Powered', since it was on a Toyota van.

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Обновленный Тoyota Sienna
7-местный минивэн. Эргономичный дизайн и мощный двигатель